Fleur de Lies


When intrepid travel agency owner Emily Andrew-Miceli takes her band of tech-savvy seniors to France, they say bonjour by cruising down the Seine River. Along for the ride are a colorful cast of cruise-goers, including four sales reps who are the creme de la creme of the cosmetics industry and a group of morticians looking for a little joie de vivre as they sort out business conflicts.

But once a guest if found dead along Normandy’s famed Alabaster coast, Emily bids adieu to the hopes of a fatality-free trip. Was it a mishap? Or was murder the entree du jour? Traveling from the medieval alleyways of Rouen to Monet’s famous water lily garden, Emily must untangle a web of lies that began a half-century ago, on the very eve of the D-Day invasion.

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“Don’t miss the ninth trip in this always entertaining series.” — Library Journal

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