Dutch Me Deadly


As a travel escort for seniors, Emily Andrew-Miceli has led her feisty Iowa clan all over the world. This time, they’re off to see historic windmills, classic Rembrants, and picturesque canals in Holland — if they can ever unplug from their smarphones, that is. Joining them is the high school class from Bangor, Maine, whose 50th reunion celebration goes south faster than a fallen Brussel sprout souffle as old rivalries start heating up. Worse, Emily’s hopes for a 100% survival rate on this trip are dashed when an important member of the tour suffers a tragic (and highly suspicious) accident. Then the saucy seniors’ wild night of drug-laced desserts and risque shows in Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District gets even more mysterious when one unpopular reunioner goes missing ….

_ _ _ _ _

“The cast of characters is highly entertaining and the murder mystery mixed with good humor!” — Suspense Magazine

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